PM Modi’s Powerful Message to INDIA Bloc: Prioritize Substance and Debate Over Slogans and Disruption Ahead of 18th Lok Sabha Session

PM Modi
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PM Modi’s Message to INDIA Bloc Ahead of 18th Lok Sabha’s 1st Session: Substance & Debate Over Slogans & Disturbance

By News 24 Media

New Delhi, June 24, 2024: In a historic moment for Indian democracy, the 18th Lok Sabha commenced its first session at the newly inaugurated Parliament building. Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the gathering, emphasizing the significance of responsible opposition and constructive debate.

PM Modi Welcoming New Parliamentarians:

PM Modi

PM Modi extended a warm welcome to the newly-elected MPs, recognizing their pivotal role in shaping the nation’s future. He highlighted the magnitude of this day, which witnessed the world’s largest democratic exercise during the recent elections.

“Today is a historic day for democracy,” declared PM Modi. “India needs responsible opposition. People want substance, not slogans; they want debate and diligence, not disturbance in Parliament.”

Reflecting on the government’s third consecutive term, he pledged to serve the nation through consensus-driven governance.

India’s Vision of Development:

PM Modi underscored the session’s potential to propel India toward its dream of a developed Bharat. He urged parliamentarians to focus on substantive discussions that contribute to the country’s progress.

“After independence, this was the 2nd time that a government secured a third consecutive term,” he noted. “I want to assure people that our government will work three times harder and deliver three times more.”

Remembering Emergency

PM Modi

As India approaches the 50th anniversary of the Emergency (June 25), PM Modi called it a “black spot” in Indian democracy. He emphasized the importance of upholding the Indian Constitution and democratic traditions.

“New generations must never forget how the Indian Constitution was rejected, destroyed, and the country turned into a prison during that dark period,” said the Prime Minister.

Looking Ahead

The first session, running until July 3, provides a glimpse into PM Modi’s plans for his third term. It also marks the likely formal appointment of Rahul Gandhi as the leader of the opposition—a post vacant since 2014.

Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Kiren Rijiju called for a “peaceful and productive” session.

This inaugural session sets the tone for India’s parliamentary discourse, where substance, debate, and diligence will shape the nation’s destiny. As the 18th Lok Sabha convenes, all eyes are on the path toward a Viksit Bharat—a developed India.

Note: The session’s proceedings are ongoing, and further developments may occur.

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