Unmasking the Shadow of Racism: The Surge of Anti-Indian Racism in Canada

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Unmasking the Shadows: The Surge of Anti-Asian Racism in Canada

Introduction Anti-Asian Racism in Canada

In the mosaic of multiculturalism, Canada and the United States have long prided themselves on being bastions of diversity and acceptance. However, beneath the surface, a darker narrative is unfolding—one that targets Asian communities, particularly those of Indian descent. This investigative article delves into the growing incidence of racism against Asians, unearthing the complexities of prejudice based on colour, appearance, region, and religion.


The Quiet Storm

Canada’s Multicultural Legacy

Fifty years ago, Canada pioneered the concept of multiculturalism as an official policy. It sought to celebrate diversity while fostering coexistence among ethnic groups. Yet, despite this legacy, anti-Asian hate persists. Recent studies reveal a disturbing trend: a surge in racism against Asian Canadians since the outbreak of COVID-19. Young Asian women, in particular, find themselves disproportionately targeted, their experiences echoing across Ontario and British Columbia.

The Shockwave: Dbrand’s Racist Remark

The incident involving Dbrand, a popular Canadian accessories brand, sent shockwaves through the community. BC (Name changed), an Indian man, had complained about a MacBook skin. Instead of addressing the issue professionally, Dbrand took an offensive turn. They mocked BC’s last name, revealing a racist undercurrent within the brand. Social media erupted, and rightfully so. The company’s snarky demeanour crossed the line into outright racism.

Unmasking the Numbers

The Silent Toll

The Battle Against Silence

Breaking the Silence

In East Asian culture, brushing off negative incidents is often considered more appropriate than speaking up. But silence perpetuates the problem. We must amplify voices, expose racism, and hold perpetrators accountable.

Dbrand’s Apology: Too Little, Too Late?

After nearly 24 hours of backlash, Dbrand apologized to BC and offered a $10,000 mea culpa. However, the original racist comment remains, and the brand plans to continue its social media banter. The line between snark and offence is thin, and Dbrand must tread carefully to regain trust.


As we celebrate diversity, we must confront our shadows. Anti-Asian/Anti-Indian racism is not an isolated issue—it’s systemic. By shedding light on these incidents, we take a step toward dismantling prejudice. Let us be vigilant, for only then can we truly honour the multicultural fabric that defines our nations.

Note: The names of real individuals have been omitted to protect their privacy.

This investigative article aims to shed light on the growing incidence of racism against Asians in North America. It explores the complexities of prejudice and highlights a specific incident involving Dbrand, a Canadian accessories brand. The article emphasizes the need to break the silence and hold perpetrators accountable.

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